There are many reports here that are processed from raw data collected every day. You can use the forms below to choose what kind of data to see.

Currently, I only analyze fdroid applications. To do so, I use a set of scripts you can find here. The language name is the name of the locale on android, so it is basically <language-code>-r<territory-code>, or simply <language-code>. Some other names also appear to be used, but only by very few applications, because they're probably a mistake (they shouldn't be recognized by android I think).

Global report

These graphs represent the state of translation of each language, compared to one another, every day. On the first graph, the Y axis is the percentage of applications translated in the language specified on the X axis, on the total number of apps that have at least one translation. The second graph is the same, but on the total number of app.

Languages are classified with a point system: each language gets one point per completed translation, 0.9 points per almost completed translation, 0.7 points per good progress, 0.3 points per in progress and 0.1 points for started translations.

You can select another date for comparison.

You can download the raw data, or you might want to visualize them as a big table.

Language evolution

This graph represents the evolution of a specified language, in number of apps in a specific state. A silent bug prevented the analysis to run for a few months, until it was fixed again on February 5, 2020, so the data starts from that time. You can select your language from the list below: